The Power of Equality

As technology advances the gap between abled and disabled people is seemingly growing.

So enters the question. Are the advances in technology hindering the disabled people of our world?


Goggin and Newell insinuate that the needs of disabled people have become an afterthought in the age of technological advances. The main concern here is that technologies are rarely incorporating built in functions for disability into their designs. The disabled ultimately have to pay extra for the additional content they require, if the content is even provided at all.

When Edward Roberts fought for the disabled rights movement in the 1960’s, the outlook was promising. If absolute equality is the goal achievement then the lack of inclusive technology today is a definite concern.

Equality is something a perfect society should strive for. And if the opportunity is there then we should take it. However, this is not a perfect world. It is a struggle. And businesses understand this more than anyone else.

Some people do not want to pay extra for features or functions that they do not require. It would be difficult to imagine that inclusive technologies could run and function for the same price as current technologies.

Perhaps the sentiments made by Goggin and Newell are a little unfair on what technology has actually achieved in assisting disabled people. While some companies fail to be inclusive, other factions prioritise using technology to assist the disabled. Here is a great example:

The example Goggin and Newell share with us (having to walk farther in an airport terminal for being disabled) is not the worst case scenario one could be given.

Disabled people will face bigger problems in society today than missing out on luxuries available to others.

Last year BBC news covered this very topic of accessibility. They found that the current situation in most cases was disabled user friendly. However, with the advent of innovations such as multi-gesture controls on phones, there is a definite and very real concern that the disabled will be left behind.


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